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Suits Meme  - You Just Got Litt UP Sucka!

Suits Meme – “You Just Got Litt UP, Sucka!”

Hi folks!

The second season of Suits has been amazing so far and it seems like Louis has been getting more than his fair share of the great lines. Even with the battle heating up between Louis and Harvey, and Harvey still reeling (and angry at everyone) over Donna’s departure, Louis was still there to make us laugh in last week’s episode.

So I just couldn’t resist making Louis another meme, considering how hysterically funny it was when we heard him trying to come up with his own catch phrase after Mike snagged his precious Dictaphone from Rachel.

If you’d like to read my reviews of Suits, you can go to the TV Equals Suits page to check them out.

Also, if you’d like to hear Louis’ little pep talk to himself in its entirety, here is the link on Youtube to the video where he comes up with “You just got Litt UP!” as well as a couple of other catch phrases that didn’t make it on the air. This is from the “Suits Recruits” videos that USA has put up and they are a lot of fun to watch, giving us more funny scenes with the cast of this spectacular show.

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FicRec Fridays: Suits Fanfiction Recs and a New Suits Meme

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Suits - Louis The Man Meme

Original Photo by: Robert Ascroft/USA Network

Hi folks!

Since it’s summer time again and one of my favorite summer shows is back on the air, I decided to give y’all a couple of Suits fanfiction recs.

Plus, I thought I’d show y’all my newest meme. I’m really enjoying what they are doing with Louis’ character this year and after last week’s episode I just couldn’t resist making an “I’m the Man” meme for him.

FicRec Fridays: Suits Fanfiction Recs and a Suits Meme

Unfortunately there’s not a whole lot of Suits fanfic (at least that I could find) that focuses on Louis, but I did find this short story that I thought was really good and seemed to fit his character well. It’s called “Anything Less than the Best is a Felony” by kurtofskylove. Here’s the synopsis: Based on Suits Meme Prompt: Louis has a dark secret from his past and that is why he became a lawyer. Please don’t judge me for the title. Warnings for angst and what could probably be considered abuse. T-rated to be safe

And for the Harvey and Mike fans, our second Suits fanfic story is called “Mike, Go Over the Influ Enza Case” by Yesm77. Here’s the synopsis: Harvey’s caught the flu…in a bad way. Donna appoints Mike and herself as his caretakers until further notice. Sick!Harvey.

Enjoy the stories!

Hope you guys are enjoying the stories! If you have any favorite stories you’d like to recommend for FicRec Fridays (from any genre or fandom), feel free to email me at:

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