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Supernatural Fanfiction

Supernatural Fanfiction

Here you’ll find everything to do with Supernatural fanfiction – from recommended stories, my own Supernatural fanfic, Supernatural fanfiction site, Supernatural fanfiction communities and everything else I can think of. Got a favorite story? Let me know and I’ll add it.

SPN Fanfic Recs

Moki’s Supernatural Fanfiction Recs

SPN Fanfiction Articles

Supernatural Fanfic: Are You a “Shipper?”

Moki’s Supernatural Fanfiction Stories

My current WIP:
Blood Brothers, a Supernatural fanfiction story
Summary: Taking place at the end of season 6, Cass arrives at Sam, Dean and Bobby’s call. When the angel collapses without explanation, they soon learn that Raphael has made an attempt on his life. Now they are in a race against time to save him before it’s too late. Gen – Hurt!Cass – Friendship – H/C

Black Cat – A Supernatural fanfic
Summary: An old fashioned horror story, SPN style – Sam & Dean are on the hunt for something they’ve never seen before. Soon Dean will be in Hell. He just wants is to do his job, but Sam hopes for a way out of the deal. Angst! & some Hurt! Dean/ Protective!Sam – COMPLETE

The Witching Hour – an NCIS/Supernatural Crossover
Summary: Tony & Dean never wanted anything to do with Halloween. But when the two decide to hang out on Halloween night, something has other ideas in mind. To save their lives, Dean is forced introduce his new friend to the world of the supernatural. Not Slash. – COMPLETE

Mustangs and Impalas, an NCIS/Supernatural crossover fic
Summary: Written for the Thing-a-Thon VII Tony DiNozzo challenge at NCIS Shared LJ community. Supernatural crossover, prompt – coffee and pie. Two men meet outside of a coffee shop and find they have a lot in common, more than they realize. – COMPLETE

Fathers and Sons, a Supernatural fanfic
Summary: A story about Dean and John some time after Sam went off to college. Dean and John are a fearsome team together but will John ever allow Dean to hunt on his own? Hurt!John, Hurt!Dean, angst – COMPLETE

Demon Seed, a Supernatural fanfic
Summary: One-shot. Sam, Dean and Ruby arrive on Missouri’s doorstep asking for help. When she sees the demon her first instinct is to throw them out but then realizes not all is at it seems. Ruby is hiding a secret and the entire demon army wants her for it. (Written early in season 4) – COMPLETE

Children of The Night, a Supernatural fanfic
Summary: A story written by multiple authors from the IMDb Supernatural board, it follows Sam and Dean as they find that the YED isn’t finished with them yet. John appears to help and all three Winchesters find that there is now more to fight for than ever before. – COMPLETE

Supernatural fanfiction on other sites

Supernatural fanfiction on

Supernatural fanfiction communities on (find communities that weed through all the stories to find the ones YOU like, from Hurt!Dean to the Wee!Chesters)

Supernatural fanfiction community on Livejournal

Supernatural fanfiction on

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