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6 Fanfiction Writing Tips

On July 23, 2012, in Fanfiction, Writing Tips, by Mokibobolink

6 Fanfiction Writing Tips

Hey folks! Here is a guest post by reader Todd Lam, with some great fanfiction writing tips. Check out the post below and let us know what you thought in the comments!

6 Fanfiction Writing Tips

- a guest post by Todd Lam

There’s a story that has grabbed your mind, heart and imagination; the culture of its environment speaks to you. What makes the story so powerful is the desire you have to speak back. You’re a fan, simple as that. What you want to create is Fanfiction: a story based on a world you’ve been pulled into and converted to.

If you want to have fun and experience great results, try applying these tips to your project.

Tip #1: Use the right tools

Fanfiction, in its simplest form, only needs your imagination. But if you have the intention of sharing your creation, you’ll need the right tools to convey that information. Though pen and paper work just fine, this is the age of computers—the best is just a click away. Story creation isn’t a linear process, which is why I recommend a writing program called Scrivener. The program allows you to take all your ideas, sketches, character notes and even webpages and pull them into a single location where they can be sorted and utilized. Drag and drop import features, outlining tools along with multiple export formats make this a fan-tastic choice for Fanfiction addicts. At only $40, it cost less than my two “Star Wars” Mimobot Thumb Drives.

Tip #2: Choose the length of your story

Have enough knowledge and momentum to write a one-shot? Or will you limit yourself to a ficlet or drabble (exactly 100 words)? The length matters when it comes to your purpose in writing. If you can form a great story, do you have a point to make, or are you focused on creating an elaborate extension of your favorite culture? The answer will directly affect the length of any tale, so choose carefully and plan accordingly.

Tip #3: Pure Fanfiction or a Crossover?

Each fan sees and experiences the world with their own twist. The question here is whether or not to spin your tale and limit it to the established world you’ve grown to love. There’s power and conviction when we stay within the pure settings of a culture. It’s an environment other fans will readily recognize and relate to. The characters, the settings, laws of magic or technology; it’s why you get converted in the first place. But you may want to consider dabbling in a crossover, involving characters or locations in another favorite culture. Think of “Star Wars” meets “Lord of the Rings.”

Tip #4: Choose your rating

You might not have considered this, but not all fans think alike. Your readers will have various tastes and your writing style (not to mention content) will determine the size of net you’re able to throw out. Sexual content, violence and language will brand your tale with an appropriate rating. G through NC-17, Adult or Mature will be applied, which will define your audience age and size. Think carefully about the type of content you intend to write before you start. You’re more likely to capture a wider audience by keeping the content witty but clean.

Tip #5: Remember, your story is a WIP

One of the best aspects of writing Fanfiction is being free to post chapters as soon as they’re completed. That’s the beauty of Works in Progress; the story is from one fan to many fans. A great advantage of the online era is being able to get feedback from communities and then making changes in your work. Take advantage of websites like and its huge internet community. By utilizing feedback, you can improve your skills and gain a larger readership; and in turn, better reviews!

Tip #6: Get in Character to Get In the Mood

When sitting down to put words to paper (or computer memory), it’s helpful to create the right mood. Surrounding yourself with memorabilia, dressing like a favorite character or just involving yourself in the story again through a movie and/or book can get your creative juices flowing. One of my personal favorites is playing a soundtrack in the background or burning heavy amounts of incense.

Those are my top tips for writing Fanfiction. If you have suggestions or methods you’ve successfully used, please leave a comment and share them with us!

Todd Lam is an entertainment writer for He is a big sci-fi nerd, enjoys watching TV, and exploring the internet.


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